About Us.

Ixar Mobile is a Zimbabwean innovative technology firm which designs and develops solutions tailored to give internet access and connectivity to the masses. For two years we have operated in the country as a hardware repair company serving many and thereby getting a deeper understanding of the challenges that people have in the market with regards to accessing affordable devices.

The growth of Ixar Mobile has been driven by collaborations with other technology companies and individuals with the expertise in matters – best practice for Ixar’s local awareness and operational know-how.

Ixar Mobile is an agency committed to making a difference in the country and on the continent of Africa. It is with this heart that we strive to make sure all our technology is designed with the needs of everyone in mind as we strive to make our dent in the lives of our customers.

It is our goal to be able to build a smartphone assembling plant in Zimbabwe which will help in creating jobs for locals and in turn cutting costs for our customer.


We create relationships that affect the lives of our customers positively.

A Will to Win

We have a deep desire to succeed in every area of our business on the market.


We collaborate across regions to meet our clients' needs and support our company grow.

Let us help you!

We aspire for the best customer service delivery to communicate effectively with our customers. We listen to your customers to understand for quality execution.